Cargo Inspection Services

Cargo inspection services are beneficial for both the customer and the company. It reduces the risk of loss exposure with assured cargo quality inspection before the shipment leaves the shipping yard – or even the production facility. At FBA Cargo, we offer international cargo inspection services during the custody transfer, warehouse operations, and transportation as per the global industry standards with independent inspection and testing.


As a professional cargo inspection service provider, we assist our clients with initial cargo audit, inspection, testing, verification, loading supervision. A team of professionals inspects your cargo thoroughly to ensure packing and materials are appropriate for transportation and cargo handling during transit.

What do we offer?


With years of experience and success in the shipping business, we provide professional cargo inspection services to ensure lower return costs and customer satisfaction. We offer both pre-shipment inspection services (PSI) and cargo container loading check (CLC) to lower the loss value after the shipment. We measure, analyze, and verify the inventory and shipment quantity and quality by following the accepted industry and regulatory methods and practices.


During the cargo inspection procedure, inspectors/surveyors look at the following details:


  • Order accuracy verification
  • Product defects
  • Packaging quality
  • Transit-packaging materials
  • Product safety
  • Cargo labeling and documentation
  • Cargo loading procedures
  • Shipping crate quality


PSI and CLC services are important parts of cargo inspection services and can be performed at different stages of production and logistic operations such as cargo shipment, transit, and transfer. As an independent cargo inspection service provider, we ensure the quality, security, and safety of your cargo with utmost accuracy. We understand all the risks associated with various freight services and prevent potential losses from occurring through careful inspection of packaging and loading quality and procedures.


Why your business needs cargo inspection services?


Cargo inspection services are critical for maintaining your business reputation and profitability by improving customer satisfaction and lowering return costs. We help you achieve high ratings and real profit gains with product quality, shipment accuracy, and on-time delivery in an effective manner. With more satisfied customers, your product return costs reduce exponentially which results in quick business growth.


How Can FBA-Cargo Help with Cargo Inspection?


FBA-cargo provides international cargo inspection services at various stages of cargo shipment operations. We work with a team of professional, qualified, and experienced inspectors to provide an accurate report on your cargo inspection in accordance with market regulations. We provide complete and accurate reports on product quality,   packaging standards, appropriate labeling and documentation, and cargo loading procedures as per your business requirements. Contact us to know more about our cargo inspection services and schedule an appointment.

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